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WhiteSmoke Writing Software

WhiteSmoke Writing Software
Software: WhiteSmoke Writing Software
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Listing added: Jun 15, 2011

WhiteSmoke Review: If you struggle with English and need some help in improving spelling, grammar and also intutive tips on how to make the most of your writing then WhiteSmoke writing software is just what you need. The 2011 version of WhiteSmoke has a superb added feature called Writing Review which gives you an overall score on your writing by means of points score.

Also included in WhiteSmoke is a free translator tool that you can simply paste any text in any language and it will translate that text for you - perfect for those people who are learning a new language or for webmaster who wish to communicate with visitors from abroad. There is a free trial version included with every download so you can try WhiteSmoke before deciding on whether to register the product.

Many people have Microsoft Word installed on their PC and use the built-in spell checker to help make sure that grammar and speeling is correct but the problem with Word is that is just does not pick up writing style as it should. White Smoke is able to detect grammar mistakes far quicker than other spell checkers or proof writing tools.

Is WhiteSmoke easy to use?
All you need to use Whitesmoke is Notepad (which comes free with Windows XP, Vista and 7). You can also use any other type of word processing software or editor like Microsoft Word. All you do then is write your text and highlight it and then press F2 on your keyboard. This will allow WhiteSmoke to analyze your text and auto correct both grammar and spelling on your selected text.

WhiteSmoke also has different packages tailor-made for diffrent people in different professions. There is a general version for eveyday use, buinsess version, bio-tech version, creative and executive versions. Don't forget you can tell WhiteSmoke to check your email spelling and grammar before you send any emails. Perfect for business owners or employees who lack confidence in their English and would benefit from email spell checker software like WhiteSmoke.