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Personal Security

You don't need to be a computer expert to realize that computer security and the ability to make your own personal computer safe from spam attacks, hackers and identity thieves is very important - but how do you make sure your PC is protected? Luckily there are various software tools that make your interney experience much safer. From privacy software that properly erases and wipes interntet history to anti identity theft protection that will stop unwanted phishing attempts to steal your personal and financial information.

There is even military standard computer encryption software to safely secure folders and files on computer that are sensitive and must stay confidential.

If you wish to secure your ohome or office from physical intruders then you need to get in contact with a reputable CCTV company such as Visiontec. They can site survey your house or office building and plan a secure closed circuit TV network that includes motion sensors that alery via email or SMS.